Get Rid of Baldness with Hair Plugs

If you are suffering from tremendous loss of hair or your head has already become the half egg then you might be thinking of hair plugs as an effective remedy to get rid of baldness. However, before directly shifting towards the remedy there are certain things that you require to know about the surgery. Buy online from NHS Heroes at

It is true that hair plug is the best way to get rid of baldness permanently. In this process, surgery is performed in the areas where the hair has permanently stopped growing. Here the hair follicle from side or back of the head where the hair is most dense is removed and surgically placed in the top of the cranium. As the hair is removed with the follicles it ensures that the hairs grow for the rest of the life.

In a hair transplant surgery an area of the scalp is removed during the transplant. A cutting tool called the trephine or a punch is used for this procedure. With this trephine is removed the round area of the scalps which contains dense growth of hair. This piece is called the hair plug though it is piece of scalp that is grafted in the hair. The diameter of the grafts varies normally from 2 to 5 millimeters. In one session generally 50 to 100 grafts is removed from one site. Generally, over the years 500 to 600 of this grafts takes place. The removed graft is then transplanted into the receiving area and fused in such a way that the healing becomes quick with negligible scarring.

As the procedure is permanent you get rid of baldness permanently. However, the only downside of this surgery is that it renders the patient a bit of unnatural look, something which you can say as doll’s hair line. On the upside they work exceptionally well on the crown area of the hair. For loss of hair in the frontal or crown area you can also look for frontal hair loss treatment.

However, thanks to the constantly innovating technology, over the years the hair plugs surgery has been greatly improved to make the hair look natural and normal. The modern surgical technique is known as the micro-transplantation technique. As the surgery is a bit complicated you should always look for an expert surgeon to perform the surgery so that you don’t end up with bad hair plugs.

Also before performing the surgery the surgeon will perform specific test for your scalp which differs according to the gender and decide what type of treatment you need to offer. The hair graft treatment is quite expensive and the price of per graft can vary from $3 to $7. Depending on the type of hair you have the cost may go up and down.