Passion Flower Uses

If you are someone who enjoys studying herbs and natural remedies, you have probably heard of passion flower and know what it is, and what its uses are.

Passion flower is a genus of flowering plants with roughly 500 distinct species, that grow as vines and shrubs. Positive Health Wellness They have long been noted for medicinal potential, and are currently sold as natural supplements at health stores fairly inexpensively.

Aside from its health benefits as a supplement, the fruit that the passion flower produces has been cultivated and used in the United States, as well as South Africa. The fruit is of a yellow or orange color and can yield a significant amount of juice as well, which is also harvested.

Perhaps the best passion flower uses are as an insomnia aid, because of it’s relaxing effects. This is partly due to the fact that it contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors, which provide an anti-depressant quality. To apply passion flower, many people make a tea out of the leaves which has properties to counter hysteria, epilepsy, and of course insomnia.

One of the less conventional passion flower uses is to smoke the dried leaves. Users who have tried this have generally reported a mood lift, and short-lived positive calming effects. Passion flower when smoked has also been reported to enhance the effects of other psychoactive substances.

With the many different species of this genus, some of them contain distinct alkaloids to the rest of their relatives, some of which may not be particularly healthy. For example, the passion flower species P. adenopoda contains maltol, gynocardin, lutenin, and several other compounds which renders it mildly toxic. Other varieties however, such as P. incarnata are completely safe for ingestion.

Passion flower has proven to be a terrific plant in the world of botany and human consumption, for the purposes of medicine and natural treatment. Insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other similar or related illnesses are being studied in relation to the effects of passion flower with overall success. The more we continue to research this plant and devise new uses for it, the closer we get to maximizing its potential in our lives.

For now it will likely remain another herb on the shelf at health food stores, but some time in the near future, passion flower may take center stage against some of the aforementioned ailments. This makes the world of natural healing and medicine that much more interesting. And expands the passion flower uses.