Greenbelt Update

The Greenbelt


ITPAS is a founder member of the newly-formed Wirral Green Space Alliance ( WGSA). This was set up to discuss and

co-ordinate actions against the release of GreenBelt across Wirral. It is comprised of community, neighbourhood and environment groups from all areas of Wirral with one aim - to SAVE OUR GREENBELT.


PETITION - ITPAS will be in Irby Village this Saturday (Oct 6th 2019) and Pensby the following Saturday urging the public to sign our petition against the release of GreenBelt land for housing. Please come and sign up and urge your friends and neighbours to do so also. The petition will be presented to WBC as part of our objection.


Our latest document entitled ‘Green Belt Risk - Our Council’s Record’ is now being circulated and can be downloaded here if you haven’t seen it yet. Our other documents can also be seen there.

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