Thurstaston Roundabout

Thurstaston Roundabout is situated at the gateway to Wirral’s ‘Jewel in the Crown’ – The Wirral Country Park, a significant tourist attraction in the Borough and within the Thurstaston Conservation Area. Constructed in 2005 in response to safety concerns over the existing crossroads, a great deal of thought went into the design to ensure it enhanced its special location. Over time, the original planting scheme had become overgrown and unkempt and prompted ITPAS to apply for funding to weed, renovate and add additional planting. Phase 1 of the grant resulted in the pruning back of existing overgrown shrubs and the addition of new plants. The project proved to be a big undertaking and the looming lockdown due to Corona virus meant we managed to complete the work with just a day to spare. Over the following months we have made regular trips to water the plants but to a great extent they have had to be left to fend for themselves. Recently we began work once more and were relieved to see that virtually all the plants have come through the Summer unscathed and are flourishing. We have now secured additional funding in the sum of £952.50 through the ‘Wirral Together’ initiative to begin Phase 2 that entails enlarging the flowerbeds, weeding and applying mulch. Hopefully by next Spring the results of the work will begin to pay off.